Jacinta Dimase Literary Agent Melbourne


You Daughters of Freedom: The Australians Who Won the Vote and Inspired the World

Clare Wright’s Stella Prize-winning ‘The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka’ retold one of Australia’s foundation stories from a fresh new perspective. With You Daughters of Freedom she brings to life a time when Australian democracy was the envy of the world—and the standard bearer for progress in a shining new century.

by Clare Wright

ZEROES AND ONES: The Geeks, Heroes and Hackers who Changed History

This non-fiction middle-grade book is about the creators of today’s digital technologies; the coders, the crackpots, and the trailblazers.

by Cristy Burne

Boys Will Be Boys: An exploration of power, patriarchy and the toxic bonds of mateship

The incendiary new book about toxic masculinity and misogyny from Clementine Ford, author of the best-selling feminist manifesto, Fight Like A Girl.

by Clementine Ford

'Brimstone' The Fire Watcher Chronicles #1 by Kelly Gardiner

The Fire Watcher trilogy blends time-travel, history, mystery and action into adventure as Christopher and his friends race to untangle the truth of the phoenix ring, and mysterious Righteous Temple

by Kelly Gardiner

Puddle Hunters by Kirsty Murray, illustrated by Karen Blair

This beautiful book captures the eternal delight of young children splashing about in puddles and experimenting with language.

by Karen Blair

The Helpline

A sharp, witty, big-hearted comedy from a hilarious new Australian writer, Katherine Collette’s ‘The Helpline’ is about people power and brain power—and the difficulty of getting them to work together.

by Katherine Collette