Jacinta Dimase Literary Agent Melbourne


'From Secret Ballot to Democracy Sausage: How Australia Got Compulsory Voting' by Judith Brett

Lively and inspiring, ‘From Secret Ballot to Democracy Sausage’ is a landmark account of the character of Australian democracy by the celebrated historian Judith Brett, the prize-winning biographer of Alfred Deakin.

by Judith Brett

'Baz & Benz' by Heidi McKinnon

From the creator of I JUST ATE MY FRIEND, this is a gorgeous and hilarious exploration of enduring friendship.

by Heidi McKinnon

'The Book Chook' by Amelia McInerney, illustrated by Connah Brecon

Book features :

- Debut picture book from an exciting and hilarious new author, Amelia McInerney (watch this space!)
- Silly, quirky, a joy to read aloud!
- Featuring warm, whimsical illustrations by Connah Brecon

by Amelia McInerney

'The Hollow Bones' by Leah Kaminsky

A lyrical and poignant cautionary tale, ‘The Hollow Bones’ brings to life one of the Nazi regime’s little-known villains through the eyes of the animals he destroyed and the wife he undermined in the name of science and cold ambition.

by Leah Kaminsky

'Our Little Inventor' by Sher Rill Ng

A gorgeous and inspiring picture book about a young girl, Nell, who invents a machine to fix the pollution that is choking the city.

by Sher Rill Ng

A Spanner in the Works: The Extraordinary Story of Alice Anderson and Australia’s Only All-Girl Garage by Loretta Smith

Alice’s life was brief but extraordinary, and in this richly detailed and entertainingly told book this pioneering Australian woman comes to life for readers for the first time.

by Loretta Smith