'Fozia and the Quest of Prince Zal' by Rosanne Hawke

By Rosanne Hawke

Fozia stiffened when she saw the familiar brick-kiln chimney loom ahead. Black smoke spewed into the sky – so it was working again. What if the owner recognised her?

Twelve-year-old Fozia has survived the worst flood in Pakistan’s history. But her life will never be the same. With her parents missing, Fozia now lives with Jehan’s family in a new village. As she slowly rebuilds her life, she fears everything could fall apart if her secret is uncovered … or if the brick-kiln owner finds her.

To keep the memories of her family alive in her heart, Fozia tells her friends a fairytale. Prince Zal rides a magic carpet on a quest to find his little sister, battling leopards and dangerous fairies along the way. But can he succeed if the truth behind Fozia’s story is revealed?

Fozia and the Quest of Prince Zal

'Fozia and the Quest of Prince Zal' by Rosanne Hawke