Toddler Tactics

By Pinky McKay

Do you automatically cut toast into fingers?
Appreciate finger painting as much as fine art?
Hear ‘no’ a million times a day?

If the answer is yes, then Toddler Tactics is for you. Being the parent of a toddler can be exciting, inspiring and exhausting – all at once! Your adorable little baby has now become a moving, grooving tot with attitude, and it will take all your patience and skill to deal with these changes. Parenting expert Pinky McKay explains what to do at each stage of development and offers fuss0free advice on:

communicating with your toddler
discipline and good manners
good eating habits
routines for play and sleep
toilet training
family dynamics
Toddler Tactics is bursting with practical strategies for making the toddler years the exhilarating experience they should be.

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Toddler Tactics