Breaking the Mould

By Angela Pippos

An extraordinary transformation is taking place in Australian sport; from suburban footy fields to stadium cage fights, sportswomen are breaking through the ‘grass ceiling’ and competing for a fair go. Where recently horses received more media coverage than female athletes, women are now commanding attention with undeniable performances and fierce determination.

Through personal tales from a lifetime in sport, as well as interviews with pioneering athletes and administrators, journalist Angela Pippos provides a fascinating insight into the seismic shift occurring in the games we play.

Breaking the Mould is a timely, entertaining and compelling reminder of why we must level the playing field permanently, so that every woman has the opportunity to become her sporting best.

‘A groundbreaking and important book: not just for girls and women but for everyone who loves sport.’

‘[Breaking the Mould is] a timely, lively and lucid account of the tribulations — but also the increasing triumphs — of women in sport, as they seek to level a playing field long tilted in favour of men.’

‘In her innervating and timely book, Angela Pippos has supplied some great ammunition for the cause of girls and women in sport.’

‘Angela Pippos has perfect timing in presenting a compelling overview of sportswomen breaking through the “grass ceiling”.’

Breaking the Mould