How To Stop an Alien Invasion Using Shakespeare

and Tony Flowers

By Nick Falk, illustrated by Tony Flowers

Join three friends as they dodge bullies, do their homework and alter the entire course of history in the process!

Mr Pilchard is furious. His class came last in the poetry contest, mostly because of Sid’s terrible effort. He gives Sid an ultimatum – write the winning entry in the upcoming story competition . . . or be fed to the classroom guinea pig.

Sid turns to his sister, Wendy, and his evil-genius neighbour, the Mighty Professor Skeletron, for help. Together, they consult a psychic cat who leads them to the perfect solution – give a Shakespeare story a sci-fi twist! But when their story comes to life and causes an alien invasion, they have to find a way to travel back in time and change the past.

Will they save the world, or will life as we know it no longer exist?

Random House Australia

How To Stop an Alien Invasion Using Shakespeare