We're All Going to Die

An inspiring and joyful book about celebrating life in the face of death.

The one certainty about life is that everybody is going to die. Yet again and again, we deny this central fact of our lives. We ignore it, hoping it will go away, putting our heads in the sand. We’re living in an aging society, where we are all living longer, healthier lives, yet we find ourselves less and less prepared for our inevitable end.

Leah Kaminsky is an award-winning writer and an Australian GP, who is confronted by death and mortality on a daily basis. She sees – and shares – our fears of death and dying. But she also sees some people, inspiring people, whose response to their imminent death is to choose, instead, to consciously embrace life. Like 90 year old Julia, a great-great-grandmother, officially an LOL in Leah’s medical terminology (little old lady), who wants to compete in the Senior Olympics. Or Leah’s dying friend, who throws himself a ‘pre-funeral’ gig, to say goodbye to everyone he loves. As Leah says, ‘If we truly open ourselves up to the experiences of those directly confronted with their own mortality, maybe we will overcome our own tunnel vision and decide to live our lives more fully.’

We’re All Going to Die is an engaging, compassionate, compelling and above all inspiring book about death – or more specifically, about how, by facing and accepting our inevitable end, we can all learn to live in a more vital, fearless and truthful way, embracing life

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We're All Going to Die