It Happened on a Fishing Trip

By Angela Pippos

Edited by Paddy O’Reilly
Published by Affirm Press.

Fishing involves way more than throwing a line and catching a fish – or a boot. Nature and camping, peace and quiet are all part of the magic. There’s the challenge of landing the fish and the satisfaction of eating a fresh fish you’ve caught yourself. But fishing can also mean seeing your dad differently, or learning how to pitch a tent, or spending rare time away in the wilderness.

Stories, pictures and hilarious anecdotes from folk across the country, including fishing royalty Vicki Lear • Philip Weigall • Steve Starling • Greg French, writers Hilary McPhee • Krissy Kneen • Vicki Hastrich • Angela Pippos and many more amateur enthusiasts.

Affirm Press

It Happened on a Fishing Trip