'Six Summers of Tash and Leopold' by Danielle Binks

By Danielle Binks

Leopold and Alytash – Leo and Tash – are neighbours who used to be best friends, but aren’t anymore, for reasons that Leo doesn’t entirely understand. But now it’s the last week of Year Six and Tash is standing in Leo’s front yard with a misdelivered letter – and a favour to ask.

It’s a request that will set off a chain of events in their little crescent in Noble Park, a suburb that is changing, and fast.

In the process of solving an unfolding neighbourhood mystery and helping Ms Shepparson, a reclusive neighbour with a tragic past, Leo and Tash each have to confront fault-lines in their own recent histories and families. They will discover that friendships can grow and change, that bravery takes many forms, and that, most of all – whatever the future holds – friends and family are what matter.

Six Summers of Tash and Leopold is for fans of Katherine Paterson’s Bridge to Terabithia and Nova Weetman’s The Secrets We Keep, as well as Danielle Binks’ previous bestseller, The Year the Maps Changed – and for anyone who enjoys a big, hopeful, coming-of-age middle-grade book that features complicated families and life-changing summers.

Friendship, family and finding your way. This book perfectly captures the complex world of being twelve. I loved it.—NOVA WEETMAN

'Six Summers of Tash and Leopold'

'Six Summers of Tash and Leopold' by Danielle Binks