Triple threat JdM releases


In very happy news, JdM has got a bounty of new releases from our creators this month! Among them;

The Catch: Australia’s love affair with fishing by Anna Clark, out now with Penguin Random House just in time for Father’s Day! Bringing her personal passion for throwing in a line, author and historian Anna Clark celebrates the enduring pleasure of fishing.

The Visitors by Jane Harrison, our with Harper Collins Australia. The most exciting debut in 2023, The Visitors is an audacious, earthy, funny, gritty and powerful re-imagining of a crucial moment in Australia’s history – an unputdownable work of fiction.

— And Millie Mak the Maker the first in a new middle grade series by Alice Pung and illustrated by our own Sher Rill Ng, out with Harper Kids. Deborah Abela calls it; ‘A gentle story about family, friendship and making old things new again.’

Author: Jane Harrison and Anna Clark

Triple threat JdM releases