ABC Books buys rights to Zoe Daniel’s memoir


Helen Littleton, publisher at ABC Books (HarperCollins) has bought the rights to Zoe Daniel’s memoir.

Former ABC Africa Correspondent, Zoe Daniel is the current ABC Southeast Asia correspondent covering 9 countries in Southeast Asia for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation – TV, Radio and Online.

Her book is a personal account of a correspondent’s life – a mix of anecdotes of life on the road as a journalist in Southeast Asia within a narrative about balancing work and family. Her stories take an honest approach to the juggle of marriage, children, travel and the pressure of the job while documenting the history of the key countries across South-East Asia. That interplay of Zoe’s perspective with the history, politics, current power-plays and personalities has the potential to make an important contribution to our broader understanding of the region.

Author: Zoe Daniel