Aaron Fa'Aoso memoir out now!


Today is the day! — officially, truly, finally! So Far, So Good: On connection, loss, laughter and the Torres Strait By Aaron Fa’Aoso, with Michelle Scott Tucker is out TODAY!

This book is already doing so much good. With the Pantera Press Foundation making substantial donations to Indigenous-led environmental and literacy organisations in the book’s honour, Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network and the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

This one has been in the making since 2018(!!!) when Jacinta and Danielle Binks first met Aaron at a ‘Books at Melbourne International Film Festival’ (Books at MIFF) event and somehow convinced him that his story was the one they wanted to help him tell. Michelle Scott Tucker came onboard at just the right time, and has since forged a strong and lasting friendship with Aaron as he told her his story. As Aaron recently said at Byron Writers Festival; “I couldn’t ask someone else to tell their truth until I’d told them mine,” and that he trust Michelle in the telling has been an honour to watch unfold.

Already this book has had so much love. Behold;

Aaron doesn’t shy away from his most intimate feelings which makes this an honest and deeply affecting story. It’s a love letter to family, community and culture that is full of laugh-out-loud moments, heartbreaking lessons and the importance of what really matters in this life. Truly inspiring.’ — Deborah Mailman

I don’t know anyone who’s lived such a life. This is a compelling read. Of a man who’s endured so much so early. Of a man connected to his people and fiercely proud of who he is. Who’s come out the other end an artist. A pure storyteller who, because of his trials, has found a compassionate voice full of dignity. Inspiring.’ — Matt Nable

Michelle Scott Tucker has also written a poignant blog to celebrate publication day, with some words of wisdom on the writing process of bringing someone else’s memoir to the page;
“One thing I’ve learnt,” Aaron continued, “is that if you tell the truth, it remains in your past. Tell a lie, and it’s always going to haunt your future. And I have enough ghosts in my life already.”

This is one not to be missed, and it’s out now. Thank you so much to the entire Pantera Press team, for their compassion and brilliance.
The Bolinda audio is also coming on October 1!

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But above all, thank you and congratulations to Aaron – who told his truth.

Author: Aaron Fa'aoso and Michelle Scott Tucker

So Far, So Good: On connection, loss, laughter and the Torres Strait

Aaron Fa'Aoso memoir out now!