Scott Woodard YA debut acquired by Hachette!


Danielle Binks has sold World Rights to Hachette Australia, for Scott Woodard’s debut contemporary Young Adult novel.

Posters Boys is a coming of age/comic adventure about three boys; one a try-hard, the other a jock, and the last who is popularity-challenged … all three are sick of the culture, tradition, and rules of their snobby 100-year-old High School, currently being militantly run by an actual ex-military Vice Principal. So, they band together to do something about it! Highview Grammar is going to rue the day they put ‘History’ on the curriculum, because now these boys are going to start a revolution!

Head of Children’s Publishing at Hachette, Jeanmarie Morosin, said of the sale; ‘We couldn’t be more delighted to be the lucky publisher of Scott’s funny, zeitgeist-y YA novel about privilege, toxic male cultures and just getting through high school intact. I loved this manuscript when it came in and was even more impressed after speaking to Scott and realising how much he genuinely cares about representing teenage boys in fiction in a nuanced and thoughtful way. Scott is absolutely an Australian YA author to watch.’

Scott is also thrilled, stating; ‘Hachette are a great champion quirky Aussie voices, and it’s an honour to join their chorus alongside many of my literary heroes. I’m particularly indebted to two of their authors: my mentor Toni Jordan, and my tireless agent Danielle Binks. I owe you both a lot of drinks.’

Poster Boys is set for publication in 2026, with Scott going on to say; ‘Poster Boys has been my passion project for the last five years (nearly as long as I spent in actual high school!). I’ve loved spending every day with these characters, and working with them to unpack the themes of toxic masculinity, power imbalance and media misinformation. I can’t wait to share them with you in 2026. But for the next little while, I’ll be bouncing around the house with a huge grin on my face.’

Congratulations, all!

Author: Scott Woodard

Scott Woodard YA debut acquired by Hachette!