Pinky McKay starts a Podcast!


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When things go ‘tits up’, they are broken. ‘Tits up’ can also mean, ‘brave up and get on with it.’

This is what mothers do – when things are broken, we pull up our big girl pants and we wade through the muck.

As an IBCLC lactation consultant, I have seen more tits than the late Hugh Hefner, however my ‘Tits Up’ podcast isn’t all about boobs and babies.

As mums, we all have our ‘tits up’ times, and we need to laugh, cry, rage and be real about these, so we can bust the BS, superficial images of perfection that cause so much stress and anxiety to us all.

Women can feel a huge sense of relief when they see they are not ‘the only one’ just putting one foot in front of the other and hoping they don’t fall flat on their backs – tits up!

It’s important though, not to get bogged down in disappointment and complaining, we need positive models to inspire, encourage and lead the way through the hard times, proving the mantra ‘this too shall pass’ – even if it’s very freakin’ slowly.”

Please be brave and join me in an unfiltered discussion about our own personal ‘tits up’ experiences. Nothing is taboo – the hard stuff, the funny stuff and especially, the stuff that mothers feel but also feel they shouldn’t say out loud, lest they be judged.

My message is, “Tits up, ladies. Pull up your big girl pants, we can do this. We are mothers!”

Author: Pinky McKay

Pinky McKay starts a Podcast!