Digital Lending Rights are here!


Just a note to say – YES, Digital Lending Rights are now open for registration!

This is a wonderful move by the Albanese Government – after much brilliant campaigning by Australian Society of Authors for such a long time! – to pay creators the same for their ebooks and audiobooks being in circulation in libraries, just as they do for paperbacks and hardcovers. Yay!

If you’ve asked JdM to handle ELR and PLR on your behalf – then please know that Danielle has started going through and adding in DLR (digital lending rights) of ebook and audiobooks published/produced from 2017 to now and where appropriate.

You are more than welcome to check this from your creator log-in but please give her a fortnight to get on top of things! … to represent this “getting on top” please appreciate this image of Penny (Kaley Cuoco) from ‘Big Bang Theory’ during her brief gamer-era when she was glued to her computer, headset and all – with the words “digital lending rights are here” in text over the top. Danielle too, feels that this is painfully accurate.

If you haven’t opted for JdM to take care of Lending Rights for you – then please know you can go in from today and start adding in Digital Lending Rights (audiobook and ebook) for your titles. There’s no retroactive compensation given, but from here on in they will be part of the tally.

And according to the Lending Rights website:

Important changes:
ebook and audiobook title claims can now be submitted for Lending Rights
the closing date to submit title claims for the 2023-2024 program has been extended to 30 June 2023
There will be no change to the current 2022-2023 survey with payments to be made in June this year.

Thanks, all!

Digital Lending Rights are here!