Comer launches 'Sunshine on Vinegar Street'!


Congratulations to Karen Comer – who yesterday launched her second novel, a mere five-months after her debut came out!

Comer’s new new Middle Grade verse novel Sunshine on Vinegar Street now out with Allen & Unwin, following on from her YA verse novel debut Grace Notes which came out with Hachette in February of this year.

Vinegar Street launched at the new gorgeous Readings Hawthorn store, which was very accurate for a story that takes place in Abbotsford!

Here’s the blurb;

A sweet and emotional novel about friendship, family and accepting change from a fresh new voice.

Freya’s world is turned upside down when she and her mum move to inner-city Melbourne. Now she’s …

Stuck in a new apartment on the eleventh floor and Freya is afraid of lifts.
Stuck in a new basketball team where not everyone likes a new star player.
Stuck in a classroom of kids who don’t know Freya is a donor-conceived baby.
Stuck, just like Little Audrey in the Skipping Girl sign suspended over the suburb of Abbotsford.

Being the new girl makes Freya feel like a dark cloud on a summer’s day. Can she figure out how to belong on Vinegar Street?

Thank you to all who came out – and there’s nothing more delightful than seeing a full window display GONE by the end of a launch, as everyone bought up copies, and we can now officially say this book is flying off shelves! Congratulations to Karen.

Author: Karen Comer

' Sunshine on Vinegar Street' by Karen Comer

Comer launches 'Sunshine on Vinegar Street'!