Authors for Fireys auction items from JdM


❤️ #AuthorsForFireys let’s raise some much-needed money for Australian state fire services ❤️

Danielle Binks has got two auction items going over on her Twitter page (…/status/1214498155770699776…)

‣ The first is actually TWO items to the TWO highest bidders a 1-hour Q&A with Jacinta, on the phone or in-person AND a whole manuscript assessment (structural) by Danielle Binks with minimum 2-pages feedback. No time-limit or expiration date on when to use this either! Current highest bid is $2050 ‣…/status/1213922366490701824…

‣ second item is a signed copy of Danielle Binks’ forthcoming #LoveOzMG, ‘The Year The Maps Changed’ as well as the #LoveOzYA Anthology. Current highest bid is $200! ‣…/status/1213935421282893824…

Bidding ends on Sunday 11th January, 11PM (MELBOURNE time) If you want more info, go and visit the hashtag #AuthorsForFireys (also #AuthorsForFiries) and visit ‣ ‣

with massive thanks to Emily Gale and Nova Weetman for organising and bringing us all together for this cause ❤️

Authors for Fireys auction items from JdM