Jacinta Dimase Literary Agent Melbourne

Ash Rover BK1: Keeper of the Phoenix

Can Ash and his friends rescue the village and break the evil wizard’s spell in time?

Ash Rover wants to do something important with his life. When he discovers a phoenix egg, he gets his wish. But the magical bird brings trouble to Ash’s village. Soon Ash is not only the unlikely Keeper of the Phoenix, he is also on a desperate quest to save his family and friends.

“This novel will appeal to young readers who like fantasy stories, particularly those with protagonists who have to overcome a number of obstacles. Those familiar with Darlison’s Unicorn Riders series will know that she likes to put her characters through lots of adventures. Ash Rover: Keeper of the Phoenix offers the same actionpacked narrative.” – Books+Publishing
A new fantasy adventure series filled with mythical creatures from the author of the Unicorn Riders series.


Walker Books