Dr Kate Luckins

Kate is a sustainable living researcher and educator with a published MA of sustainable fashion and a PhD in sustainable living. Across two decades, she’s been a serial activist who has helped thousands of people reduce fashion and food waste. In 2004, Kate founded The Clothing Exchange and kick-started a global clothes swapping movement and was invited to speak at the UN Headquarters in Nairobi and COP15.

After living many shades of green, Kate’s adopted an unapologetically medium green approach to sustainable living that works within her busy family life and our imperfect world. In this spirit, she created educational platform Sustainable Lifestyle to bring others along for the ride. She’s penned her first book ‘Live more with Less’ to help people ditch eco-guilt and take confident climate action. Kate is happiest hosting a panel chat or interviewing sustainable leaders about how we can upgrade our lives without costing the Earth.