Christine Shamista

Christine is a writer and poet who loves being carried away by a good story. She reads any genre for any age under the guise of reading for her kids, research and always pure enjoyment. She has a particular fondness for Australian young adult novels. Her writing explores the themes of family, romance and diversity.

Her poetry has been published in the anthology Contemporary Asian Australian Poets (2013), edited by Adam Aitken, Kim-Cheng Boey and Michelle Cahill, as well as in a number of Australian journals including Mascara Literary Review, FourW, conversations, Extempore, Hypallage and Peril.

She works in the human rights field and is passionate about seeing diversity reflected and valued in all areas of life. She has a doctorate in law (SJD) and a Bachelor of Arts (Literary Studies).

She lives with her husband and two children in Sydney’s inner west, where their home is in danger of being overtaken by books. She has also lived in Sri Lanka and England.