Woods scores two-book deal with PRH!


Tess Woods has sold World Rights to publisher Ali Watts of Penguin Random House, for her next two stand-alone women’s fiction novels; The Cairo Bridal Shop (2026 release date) and The French Chateau (2028 release date) in a deal that continues their publishing partnership after forthcoming September release, The Venice Hotel.

Publisher Watts is delighted by the deal; ‘We’ve loved working with Tess on her forthcoming novel The Venice Hotel and we’re thrilled to have signed two more books with her featuring complex female relationships and set in alluring international locations. She is such an exciting author. Her stories are rich and compelling, exquisitely written and full of unique colour and character. This all makes for a perfect blend of upmarket commercial and accessible literary fiction, by an author whose star is on the rise.’

While agent Danielle Binks notes; ‘This ongoing relationship between Tess Woods and PRH continues to be a source of great pride and joy. To see Tess thriving creatively and absolutely overflowing with ideas, that Ali Watts and Penguin happily receive and understand so completely … it’s the best kind of blossoming to witness as an agent.’

The deal comes amidst growing buzz for The Venice Hotel – this week it was also announced that German rights for the book have sold to PRH Germany, in a pre-empt deal.

We wish Tess all the best with her ongoing success, which is so deserved and well-earned!

Author: Tess Woods

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Woods scores two-book deal with PRH!