'The Enigmatic Mr Deakin' shortlisted for National Biography Award!


Judith Brett’s ‘The Enigmatic Mr Deakin’ (Text Publishing) has been shortlisted for the $25,000 National Biography Award 2018.

Senior Judge, Associate Professor Richard White commented: “Australia’s long tradition of evocative memoir and illuminating biography is alive and well, as these six shortlisted books demonstrate.”

“Biography allows us to peer into another life, with all its individuality tempered by a sense of common humanity. But importantly, it also helps us see the world through another pair of eyes. Today, perhaps, that is a skill we need more than ever,” Professor White said.

Here are the judge’s comments about ‘The Enigmatic Mr Deakin’;

“…a beautifully researched and satisfyingly rounded picture of an intriguing prime minister’s public and private lives, revealing just how intricately connected the two can be. It gives rare insight into the intellectual and emotional life of a political figure, aspects we seldom acknowledge in politicians today.”

Author: Judith Brett

National Biography Award

'The Enigmatic Mr Deakin' shortlisted for National Biography Award!