Ten Twitter Tips : Promote without driving people crazy!


More and more publishers are requiring creators to “create” a social media profile as part of their contract.
Here’s a clause I received yesterday:

We expect you to have a social media presence. You will:
a. write text for at least one blog entry about the Work (not less than 200 words) which will be uploaded to the Publishing website;
b. create a social media presence e.g. Facebook page to promote your book, or promote the book on your existing social media page or website;

It does make me wonder… Nothing screams DESPERATE more than a social media profile that is constructed for promotional purposes rather than evolving organically as part of a “conversation”. Still, as social media is becoming an essential part of publishers’ publicity and marketing campaigns it’s good to encourage creators to start thinking about it if they’re not already active on social media.

Here’s an article I discovered (via twitter) yesterday:
10 brutally honest Twitter tips for creators: How to promote without driving everyone crazy:

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