Mandy Beaumont signs with Hachette


Author Mandy Beaumont has signed a two-book deal with Hachette Australia. The first book under this deal is a short-story collection scheduled for February 2020 release and titled ‘Wild, Fearless Chests’

This manuscript was previously shortlisted in UWA Publishing’s 2018 Dorothy Hewett Award, with those judges calling it; “… a dazzling collection of short stories spinning around the lives of women (and men) in love and in the sometimes desperate state of sexual desire and fulfillment. It is a beautiful, dangerous dance of longing, where lives can be made complete when it goes well.”

In 2018 ‘Wild, Fearless Chests’ was was also shortlisted in The Richell Prize; Hachette Australia’s unpublished manuscript award, part of a partnership with The Guardian Australia and The Emerging Writers Festival.

Congratulations to Mandy, and Hachette!

Author: Mandy Beaumont

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Mandy Beaumont signs with Hachette