KBR Review: Shahana (Through My Eyes)


Kids Book Review recently reviewed “Shahana” by Rosanne Hawke (the first book in the Through My Eyes Series by Allen & Unwin) and were very impressed! Here’s a snippet…

“I am a big advocate for the use of fiction to raise important issues with children. Shahana gives Australian tween and teen readers a wonderful relatable character to help them gain insight into the challenges faced by children their own age around the world; children struggling to live in an environment where they deal with constant physical danger yet courageously hold on to a sense of hope, family and an appreciation for their culture and community.

There are currently six titles planned for the Through My Eyes series, written by different authors and published periodically between now and March 2015 […] Rosanne Hawke has offered an inspiring start with Shahana and I plan to make sure my children have access to all of the titles as they become available.”

- Kids Book Review, Susan Whelan
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Kids Book Review

KBR Review: Shahana (Through My Eyes)