Jane Gilmore's 'Fixed It' sells to Penguin Random House


Jane Gilmore has signed the contract to make a book out of the grassroots movement she started – ‘Fixed It: One Woman’s Movement Against the Real Fake News’ – coming 2019 with Penguin Books Australia!

#FixedIt – is another necessary feminist non-fiction project that investigates and interrogates the true ‘Fake News’ of the media – where a pervasive undercurrent of sexism can warp news reporting and headlines. ‘Fixed It’ (or #FixedIt) began as an online grassroots movement started by Jane Gilmore, in which she would “fix” harmful and misleading news headlines, and now it’s going to be a book!

Here’s what Jane has to say;

“I am thrilled about the contract. Penguin is such a well known publisher and they did such a great job with Jamila Rizvi’s book. It really showed that books about feminist issues are not just niche publications any more. I’m also really glad that FixedIt has moved beyond niche ideas and into the wider discussion about how women are represented in media. It’s so important to question all the traditional hangovers from the days when men were assumed to be the author, subject and audience for all ‘proper’ journalism. Women are not just reading about knitting and babies, our lives are affected by politics, economics, sport and environmental news just as much as men. We need to be part of all those stories and the first step in any change is recognising the problem. I hope the FixedIt book will play some part in that.”

Author: Jane Gilmore

Jane Gilmore's 'Fixed It' sells to Penguin Random House