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Speech Pathology Australia: Book of the Year Shortlist

July 19, 2013

Speech Pathology Australia

Congratulations to Janeen Brian, Nick Falk, Tony Flowers and Phil Cummings for making the Speech Pathology Australia (SPA) Shortlist!

“Literacy is a fundamental life skill – poor literacy skills make it difficult to access an education, find a job and even take part in the community…As the peak professional body for speech pathologists, Speech Pathology Australia is in a unique position to recommend books to parents and educators that can assist children’s speech, language and literacy development.”

Janeen Brian – ‘Eddie Pipper’ (New Frontier Publishing 2012)

Phil Cummings – ‘Night Watch’ (Working Title Press)

Nick Falk & Tony Flowers – ‘Saurus St 1: Tyrannosaurs in the Veggie Patch’
(Random House Australia)

Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Shortlist 2013

Authors: Phil Cummings & Janeen Brian


Speech Pathology Australia