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'What Makes My Dad Happy' receives high praise in the US (also know as My Dad and Me)

June 28, 2013

Children’s blog Good Reads with Rona has high praise for Tania Cox’s ‘charming’ children’s picture book ‘What Makes My Dad Happy’ (part of her series with Allen & Unwin).

As well as describing the book as ‘ideal for reading aloud’ the review also praises the author and illustrator, Lorette Broekstra, on the story’s inclusiveness:

‘this 24 page book will appeal to a broad audience since the dads depicted are from a wide range of ethnicities and abilities. I love that in addition to several Caucasian dads, a father in a wheelchair is shown along with an African-American dad, an older dad, and an Asian dad. Best of all, they’re having lots of fun and smiling loving smiles while interacting with their children’.

To read the review in full visit Good Reads with Rona

Authors: Tania Cox