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Jacinta di Mase Management is a literary agency committed to the creation of quality books that engage, entertain, and inspire. We represent writers and illustrators across a diverse range of genre including picture books, young adult fiction, and fiction and non-fiction titles for the adult trade market.

New Releases

'The Little Kiwi Who Lost His Friends' by Jedda Robaard

Jedda Robaard

Little Kiwi is having a very odd day. Can you help him look for his friends?


'Vognox the Viking and the Island of Skeletons' by Nick Falk, illustrated by Tony Flowers

Nick Falk , Tony Flowers

Hey, you! Yes, you with the nose. Do you like adventure stories? Yes? Oh. Maybe try another book.


'Graveyard Shift in Ghost Town' by Michael Pryor

Michael Pryor

‘So, how’s my gap year going? Is it giving me a taste of the ghost-hunting business or is it just dumping me into situations where I could end up dead, or worse?’


'Bad Crab' by Amelia McInerney, illustrated by Philip Bunting

Amelia McInerney

A charming, surprisingly-almost wordless picture book, about being crabby and a ‘crushedacean’.


'Love And Other Battles' by Tess Woods

Tess Woods

If you loved ‘The Notebook’, this is a novel for you.



Latest catalogue

Newsletter December 2018

2018 has been another wonderful year at Jacinta di Mase Management As one of our busiest and most successful years since the agency was founded in 2004, we wanted to showcase and celebrate the achievements of the talented creators on our list and give you a hint of the amazing books coming up in 2019. Best wishes, Jacinta di Mase, Danielle Binks, Natasha Solomun, and Poppy Fowler.

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