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The Wrong Line

As a cricket writer for over ten years, Andrew Ramsey’s job was to be on tour with the world’s greatest cricket team, in a decade when it had no peer. His book chronicles the privileges and pitfalls of a life spent trotting the globe, hanging out with sports stars, and being paid to watch cricket — a pastime regarded by countless cricket and travel fans alike as ′the world’s best job′.

Within the players′ dressing room, and on the team bus; at the bar, the breakfast table, and even in a haunted medieval castle; in England, the West Indies and India, as well as Sharjah, Bangladesh, Kenya and Hong Kong: Andrew gives us a ringside seat at some of the most memorable cricket events of the recent past, including the remarkable 1999 World Cup and Australia’s chaotic 2005 Ashes campaign.

The Wrong Line details the friendships and antipathies that exist between elite athletes and sports journalists. It examines the unique circumstances that arise from living and working under the daily deadline pressure of a major national newspaper in myriad exotic locations, often travelling for months at a time, sometimes, with only a three-thumbed taxi driver for support.

Authors: Andrew Ramsey