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CREZZA: From AFL glory to prison and the long road to redemption

From football fame to a prison term: how the ex-Sydney Swan is rebuilding his life.

For more than a decade Daryn Cresswell gave his all for the Sydney Swans. Over a career spanning 244 games he was smart, strong, unflinchingly brave and unwaveringly loyal.

But when the curtain fell, things changed fast.

Embroiled in a world of fast earns, chronic gambling and entangled in a web of lies, Cresswell lost everything – his wife, his money, friendships and, in the end, almost his life.

In a very real way it was only jail that could save him.

In Crezza, Daryn tells his story, one of hard-earned highs and self-inflicted lows.

It’s the story of a driven man who risked everything and lost.

It’s also the story of a man who clawed his way back.

Authors: Matt Webber


Random House Australia