Sher Rill Ng

Sher Rill Ng is a Melbourne based Illustrator and Designer. In her spare time she draws and paints, she likes to garden, ride her bike when the weather is just right, read (as much as she can), and travel. Trains are a particular favourite.

Sher Rill graduated from RMIT in 2010, with a Bachelor of Design (Multimedia), and for the past few years has been working as a web and mobile UX/UI designer.

In May 2016, Sher Rill took part in the Imaginism House Workshop. A month of intensive art training in Montreal, Canada, learning from some of the best artists in the Concept Art industry.

Though she has dabbled in photography, music, and games design, she always comes back to her passion that is art and illustration. Much of her work is inspired by animated films, the books she reads, and the amazing women found throughout history, as can be seen in her most recent series “Women Explorers”. Her illustrations have been featured on numerous websites, and has exhibited in several group exhibitions, including the Light Grey Art Lab (Minnesota) and Emerging Art Australia (Melbourne).

Things to note:
- self taught artist
- avid reader as a kid (still is really)
- favourite children’s illustrators: Charles Santoso, Noah Klocek, Shaun Tan
- anything to do with animation is a good thing

Sher Rill Ng