Sarah Firth

graphic novelist

Sarah Firth (she/her) is based on Wurundjeri Country, Melbourne. Originally, she started out as a classically trained sculptor. Then a car crash left her temporarily bed bound, where pen and paper became her medicine, drawing what she needed to see and writing what she needed to hear.

She’s now a cartoonist, comic artist and writer, speaker and internationally renowned graphic recorder. Her comic work has won many awards, along with being in the Eisner Award-winning anthology, Drawing Power. Her work has been published by ABRAMS Books, ABC Arts, Frankie Magazine, kuš!, Graphic Mundi, Penn State University Press, Penguin Random House, Picador, Allen & Unwin, The Nib, Black Inc, and Routledge.

As a neurodivergent person Sarah is drawn to explore the idiosyncrasies of how we attempt to know ourselves and navigate the world, given the contradictions, paradoxes, and complexities that we are all part of. Recurring themes in her work include teasing out the wonder and absurdity of the everyday. And how messy, non-linear lived experience intersects with the linear rigours of scientific, philosophical, and critical knowledge.

She is currently working on her debut graphic novel “Eventually Everything Connects”, a collection of visual essays exploring the joys and pains of living and trying to make sense of things in a hypercomplex world.

Unexpectecly Thriving
State of Emergency
Making Sense of Complexity
Have a Seat Or Don’t

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