Jenna Lo Bianco

Photo credit: Kristen Turner MacDonald

Jenna Lo Bianco is a writer, educator, PhD Candidate, and advocate for Italian language education in Australia.

With nearly 60 publications to her name, Jenna is trusted nationally and internationally to write about all things ‘Italian’. She is a Fellow of the International Specialised Skills Institute and Italian Australian Foundation, regular contributor to Segmento Magazine, and has written and consulted in educational publishing for more than a decade.

A romantic at heart, Jenna writes contemporary romances set in Italy that read like a fictional slice of ‘la dolce vita’, but are steeped in candour and truths – both the convenient and inconvenient – drawing upon her personal life experiences in Italy, and her intimate knowledge of the Italian language and culture.

She may appear to live in Melbourne, but her heart and soul are Rome’s most permanent residents.

Instagram @the.italian.teacher
Twitter @jlobiancoauthor