April Hélène-Horton

April Hélène-Horton is a writer, public speaker, actor and model – you might know her better as The Bodzilla.

In February 2021, she led the way as Australia’s first truly plus size models to appear in a bikini on a billboard. Before that, she’d spent a year building the identity of ‘The Bodzilla’ to give a real voice to her passion for self-love and body acceptance. April knew she needed not only to speak to her friends and family about fat positivity and feminism, but to anyone who would listen.

Her first book will be the manifesto she needed when she was young, exploring her experiences with the lens of what a change in society will mean to future children (and the parents who also needed to know how worthy they are). The world might not be ready for marginalised bodies to take up space but The Bodzilla is here to make room for everyone and show the door to anyone who wants to peddle diet culture and harmful BS based in social conditioning and bias.

The Bodzilla