Jacinta Dimase Literary Agent Melbourne

Briar Rolfe

Briar Rolfe is a non-binary illustrator, comic artist and graphic designer who was shortlisted for a Ledger Award in 2017, and highly commended by the Kat Muscat Fellowship in 2020. Briar has spent the last five years of their practice involved in the Melbourne indie comics scene, where they have built a large body of work focusing on genre-bending, format-pushing comedy stories about young people navigating share-housing, university, coming out, and job insecurity through humour, solidarity, and friendship. Briar believes that storytelling gives people the opportunity to imagine a different and better world. In their spare time, Briar loves reading comics and fantasy novels, watching cheesy rom coms, and trying to bond with their pet lizard Vogue. They live in Melbourne with their partner and a family of three noisy cats.


Briar Rolfe