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Fiona Swee-Lin Price

Cross Cultural Trainer and Author

Fiona Swee-Lin Price

After announcing that she was going to be a writer, aged six, Fiona began work on two projects: a novel about a lost pony and an incisive satirical song called Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep. Many years later, she is still writing novels and songs, though farmyard animals now feature less prominently.

Inspired by a handful of prizes in writing competitions in the early 2000s, she quit her day job to start a cross-cultural training business and free up time to write. In 2007, Allen & Unwin published her non-fiction book ‘Success with Asian Names’, which was inspired by a popular training program she developed for staff at universities. She has just submitted her modern-day Rapunzel novel ‘Let Down Your Hair’, and is plotting further novels based on fairytales. At present, she is working on a fantasy trilogy for young adults. She lives in Melbourne with her husband and two sons.