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The May Beetles: My First Twenty Years

Baba Schwartz’s story began before the Holocaust could have been imagined. As a spirited girl in a warm and loving Jewish family, she lived a normal life in a small town in eastern Hungary.

by Robert Hillman

Zafir: Through My Eyes

Zafir has a comfortable life in Homs in Syria with his doctor father and journalist mother. But everything changes after…

by Lyn White

What the Raven Saw

What the Raven Saw

The raven doesn’t want you to read his story. What if you find out the location of his treasure? Or worse, what if you learn his secret – that ravens can talk?

by Samantha-Ellen Bound & Tony Flowers

I'm a Dirty Dinosaur

I'm a Dirty Dinosaur

A CBCA Shortlist title for 2014: Book of the Year – Early Childhood. Shortlisted for the 2014 Speech Pathology Awards.

by Janeen Brian

Anzac Biscuits

Anzac Biscuits

Rachel is in the kitchen, warm and safe. Her father is in the trenches, cold and afraid. When Rachel makes biscuits for her father, she adds the love, warmth and hope that he needs…

by Phil Cummings

Amina: Through My Eyes

Amina lives on the edges of Mogadishu. Her family’s house has been damaged in Somalia’s long civil war, but they continue to live there, reluctant to leave their home.

by Lyn White

Tsunami and the Single Girl

Krissy Nicholson’s life as an international Aid Worker and her (seemingly) never-ending search for Mr Right in some of the world’s most dangerous disaster zones.

by Krissy Nicholson

Lost Rebels of Eureka by Clare Wright

The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka

The Eureka Stockade. The story is one of Australia’s foundation legends, but until now it has been told as though only half the participants were there.

by Clare Wright

Baby Beats by Karen Blair (Walker Books Australia)

Baby Beats

CBCA 2015 Notable book – Early Childhood

by Karen Blair

Almost Dead

A glitzy whodunit set amongst the Gold Coast elite and a hilarious romance between Macey Pentecost, the privileged teenager with a social conscience who just happens to see ghosts, and the good-looking surf champion Finn.

by Kaz Delaney

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