Jacinta Dimase Literary Agent Melbourne

Bernard Caleo and Alex McDermott

Bernard Caleo and Alex McDermott are the creators of THE DEVIL COLLECTS.
Caleo is a comic book performer from Cardigan Comics and co-publisher at Twelve Panels Press. He also teaches the medium at schools, universities and libraries, leading comics classes and workshops. He has made shows and comics for museums and universities and other organizations; The University of Melbourne, Melbourne Water, Origin, Melbourne Museum, CSIRO, and many more.
McDermott is a writer and historian, who worked on The Battle For Australia (ZBeach True Comics, 2013) and as researcher, writer and on-screen expert for Screen Australia, ABC, Channel 7, and SBS. Currently McDermott is a consultant and writer for The State Library of Victoria and the Museum of Australian Democracy (Old Parliament House) in Canberra.